Why Choose our Eyewear?

If you’re looking for Eyewear that is different to what you find in almost every other Opticians, then you are in the right place. Here you’ll discover a whole new world of niche Eyewear and choose a pair (or maybe more than one!) of glasses from a selection that cannot be found elsewhere.

Frames in most Opticians come from just a handful of factories. One “designer” name being made alongside another and all being styled to appeal to and fit the average person. They will all look very similar- safe colours and safe styles. They are produced in huge quantities so there is no exclusivity.

We search of the World for the finest Eyewear. We work with some of the most admired and respected Eyewear designers in the industry.  Niche, independent, Eyewear companies who produce different and exclusive Eyewear that was never designed to have mass market appeal.

Our frames are of the highest quality, many are handmade or hand-finished. They are frames that not everybody will have heard of (no “designer” labels here!) And they are hard to find; only a handful of the UK’s most progressive opticians carry these collections.

Our frames collections cover the whole spectrum of styles and colours. From understated Lindberg through to the bold and colourful Anne et Valentin. And we buy frames for real faces, so if you are a small lady who has previously been offered childrens frames, or a larger gentleman who struggles to find a comfortable fit we can help you.

Our extensive range of frame collections includes:

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