Why Choose Our Lenses?

Are your glasses too thick? Are they heavy and uncomfortable?

Do you feel you don’t see as well as you should in your glasses?

Do you struggle with specific visual tasks like computer screens or small print?

If you answer YES! to any of the above then you are probably wearing the wrong sort of spectacle lens. Lenses all look very similar at first inspection however their thickness, weight and clarity all depend on their design. Pick the wrong one and you will be disappointed with the outcome.

We are Accredited Essilor Experts  – so you don’t have to be!

Choosing the wrong spectacle lenses can lead to disappointment in your eyewear. Sore noses, lenses that came out thicker than was expected,  disappointment with the visual experience – these are things patients mention when we ask them about their experience with previous pairs of glasses.

Whether you have your eye examination with us or bring us a copy of your prescription, we will sit down with you to discuss what you need and hope for from your new eyewear. We will present you with some different lens recomendations and explain fully why we have made them.

We work with leading lens manufacturers Essilor, makers of the original Varilux Lenses – and are proud to do so. We have invested in Essilors latest lens measuring technology to bring our patients some of the most modern lens designs available.

Essilor VisiOffice – the modern way to measure bespoke lenses

The VisiOffice X puts our patients at the heart of the lens measuring process. The VisiOffice X is comfortable and accurate and brings a new experience to having lenses perfectly measured for your eyes. The animations displayed on the VisiOffice X screens allow you to immediately understand the benefits personalised lenses bring.

The VisiOffice has three personalisation measurements for greater accuracy and personalisation.

Eyecode™ technology: which measures the exact position of the Eye Rotation Centre. This helps in placing the distance and near vision centre of the lens in exactly the right place for the wearer.

Near Vision Behaviour: a simple task measured to understand how you naturally use your eyes. Do you move your eyes when you read or do you move your head or a bit of both? Do you hold the text in front of you or slightly offset to the left or right? Are you a detailed reader or do you skim read?

This information influences the location size and shape of the reading portion of the lens and provides better adaption of your new lenses when you first begin to use them.

H3D analysis: analyses your natural posture, the way in which you hold your head and the way the frame fits you to ensure better visual comfort when using your glasses.


Why not watch this short video in which Kate and Sue demonstrate how the VisiOffice X helps patients at Jackson and Co.



There are so many things to consider when choosing a lens that it can get a bit confusing. Why not have a look at our short guides below to find out a little bit more about spectacle lens design and technology?



This dictates the purpose of the lens and is governed by your prescription and lifestyle. Yor lens could be single vision, varirifocal or bifocal for example.


The look, weight and resilience of your glasses will depend on what material the lens is made from.

Lens technology

Eliminate surface reflections and block UV to improve clarity and protect your eyes.


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