Accidental Damage Scheme

Our Accidental Damage Scheme is there to protect your investment in quality eyewear. All spectacles purchased whilst a member (and remaining a member) of the scheme are covered by the Accidental Damage Scheme. Often spectacles are not covered on household insurance and where they are, claiming can adversly affect the next years premium.

The cover offered specifically includes:

  • Cover for two years for all spectacles purchased whilst a member of the Accidental Damage Scheme.
  • As many spectacles as are purchased are covered – there is no limit on the number of claims that can be made.
  • No limit on the cost of the spectacles covered.
  • For each claim a small excess is charged proportionately to the cost of repair. Cover is ‘like for like’ (upgrades are not permitted under the scheme).
  • The scheme is limited to accidental damage and does not cover wear and tear or negligence or loss.

Being part of our scheme will also give you

  • A Comprehensive Eye Examination including OCT scaning and Optomap Widefield photograhy every two years.
  • One Emergency Eye Examation every two years to investigate sudden eye problems. Any scans required for diagnosis are included at no extra charge.

To make a claim, all you need to do is bring your broken spectacles back to us. We will do the rest, including contacting Eyeplan and advising you of the contribution that will need to pay towards the repair or replacement.