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Detailed retinal examination, intraocular pressure assessment and computerised visual field assessments can all be a part of your bespoke eye examination. Your Eye Examination is tailored to your individual needs and not only helps to optimise vision but also monitors ocular health and can indicate systemic problems such as:

  • Diabetes.
  • Blood pressure problems.
  • Thyroid disorder.
  • Tumors.
  • Blood disorders.
  • Neurological conditions.

Your Eye Examination will take approximately 30 minutes and afterwards the optician will discuss with you the best ways to satisfy your optical requirements according to you lifestyle. This may include not only differing designs of spectacle lenses and frames, but also contact lenses and sunglasses.

At Jackson’s Opticians we can now offer Fundus Photography to all our patients. These pictures help to document the health of the back of the eye including structures such as of the optic nerve, retina, macula and retinal blood vessels. The photographs are stored for comparison on future visits to the practice and therefore greatly enhance our record keeping and allow us to monitor and identify any trends.

Because Fundus Photography is a highly specialised form of medical imaging, it can’t be done with an ordinary camera. It requires a customised camera that is mounted to a microscope with intricate lenses and mirrors. These high-powered lenses are designed so the optician can see the back of the eye by focusing light through the cornea, pupil and lens. The patient is asked to stare at a flashing light so the eyes are still while the optician is taking the pictures, the patient will see a series of bright flashes. The entire process usually takes just a few minutes.

Usually a good image can be obtained without the use of eye drops but occasionally they are necessary to make the pupils big enough to obtain the best results. These drops smart only slightly and your pupils will go back to their normal size in about 4 to 6 hours. While your pupils are dilated it is advisable not to drive as sunlight can appear more dazzling than normal and sometimes the drops can make your near vision slightly blurry, again the effect wears off after a few hours.

We are part of the Cheshire Diabetic Eye Screening Programme (CDESP). All diabetic patients are invited every year for Digital Retinal Screening by CDESP to detect signs of Diabetic Retinopathy.

This screening is important to detect early changes to the retina caused by diabetes. These changes have no visual symptoms and can only be treated if detected early.

After having an operation in hospital to remove a cataract, a follow-up appointment after 2-4 weeks to see that all is well and to decide if any further treatment is required. We are accredited to provide follow-up appointments for patients who have had cataracts removals on the NHS performed by Leighton Hospital. This appointment includes a sight test to see if any spectacles are required postoperatively.
Sometimes as a result of a sight test, patients are referred to Hospital for raised eye pressure. Some of these patients will be diagnosed with Glaucoma but many others are diagnosed as suffering from Ocular Hyper Tension (OHT). There is now a community monitoring programme which allows many of these patients to be monitored by their optometrist. patients attending Leighton Hospital or Victoria Infirmary Northwich for pressure monitoring who are not receiving any treatment for eye pressure may be eligible for community monitoring. Please ask for more information.
We offer a range of solutions for diagnosing and managing Meares-Irlen syndrome (Visual Stress) which can be associated with Dyslexia. Our screening software rapidly identifies those who are likely to benefit from colour and determines the optimum colour for overlays, lenses and their computer screen. We can then supply coloured overlays, reading guides, coloured clip-ons, and coloured prescription lenses.
At Jacksons Opricians we provide a full contact lens fitting and aftercare service.Our principles of care and value extend through to our provision of contact lenses. We emphasise the importance of regular checkups and continued advice to all our contact lens patients. At the same time, we maintain our prices at a level which compete favourably with those you see on the internet. Our competitive packages have been developed to meet all of your contact lens needs in a straightforward and professional manner.