Dry Eye and Allergy Eye Clinic

Are you bothered by irritated, or watery eyes?

Do your eyes often feel dry, itchy, or watery?

Does reading, computer work or certain environments, make your eyes feel scratchy, burning  or tired?

If you answer yes” to any of these questions, you may have a dry eye or allergy eye syndrome.

What is dry eye?

You may not be produce enough tears, your tears may be poor quality or evaporate too fast. Any reduction in tear quality can produce a gritty, burning irritable eyes.

Symptoms of dry eye and allergy eye

  • Dryness, burning, stinging, grittiness
  • Irritation from wind or smoke
  • Blurred/smeary vision
  • Tired eyes, red eyes
  • Excessive watering
  • Light sensitivity
  • Contact lens discomfort

We can help you

We hold specialist dry eye and allergy eye clinics hosted by Mr Andrew D Price FBDO(Hons)CL MBCLA COA.

Andrew will discuss your symptoms and assess your tear film before prescribing a treatment plan tailored to your individual needs.

Andrew has worked in the field of dry eye and specialist contact lens fitting for over 30 years. In addition to being an experienced clinician, he is an Industry and Professional Services Consultant, educator, lecturer and author.

Case Study

Julia came to Jacksons for an eye examination complaining of intermittant blurring of her vision when reading or using the computer. Examination revealed her glasses to be perfectly adiquate and her eyes to be healthy. She did have however, a very unstable tear film – once she blinked, the tears over her cornea broke up within 2 seconds causing her vision to blurr until she blinked again.

After referral and management by Mr Price, her tear break up time increased from 2 to 18 seconds, and her near vision became comfortable again.

The topographer maps show Julias initial scan results alongside one 6 weeks after she started treatment.

11/12/2023 Tear break up time 2 seconds                                                20/01/2024 Tear break up time 18 seconds


Testimonial for Mr Price, Dry Eye Specialist.

I first experienced vision problems back in February 2021.  Over the course of the next few months, I consulted several eye professionals, each of whom diagnosed a condition called ‘dry eye’. However, apparently it was “only” dry eye and I was sent on my way each time with eye drops to use as often as needed.

As Mr Price explained at my first visit, it is not “only” dry eye.  Dry eye causes wide-ranging and very uncomfortable symptoms. It is also emotionally very distressing, struggling to alleviate the symptoms with eye drops whilst not knowing if there will be any long-term damage to one’s eyes.

I am deeply relieved to have been under the continuous care of Mr Price for six months now.  I have been assiduously following the daily eye care regime and have so far also had two treatments of “Photobiomodulation” or Low-Level Light Therapy (LLLT).

Mr Price has always emphasised that progress would be slow, and it has been.  Until very recently, moments of clear vision have been fleeting and a better day has often been followed by a couple of days where I felt that no lasting progress was being made.

Mr Price has also been very clear that my vision may never return to 100% stability but may, in time, return to manageable and sustainable levels of clarity and comfort.  My current experience is bearing this out.  Over the last month, I have noticed a very distinct improvement in vision.  Whilst still unstable, the periods of clear vision have been more frequent and longer lasting.  This perceived improvement was corroborated by the computer readings of tear film break-up time at my most recent clinic visit, which has improved dramatically in both eyes.  I am cautiously excited!

I thank Mr Price sincerely for ensuring from the outset that I understood that the treatment of dry eye is no easy or quick fix.  Whilst the daily eye care regime is not arduous and can be fitted into every day’s schedule, it does nevertheless require commitment, day-in day-out, and the programme of eye care and LLLT treatments has to be given time.

Given the improvements I have been experiencing recently, there is no question for me other than to stay committed to the programme.  It may be taking time, it may take organisation, but ultimately, this is my best shot to achieve the best outcome possible for my vision.

Gwyneth Lucas



Please call  01270 625889 to book a consultation with Mr Price.

Alternatively request our Dry Eye Clinic Brochure HERE which explains how we may be able to help you.