Would you like an wardrobe of Eyewear?

Few ladies have just one handbag and fewer only one pair of shoes. Few people wear their sharp business suit to a relaxed casual lunch or their Wellingtons indoors.

Most people love to dress up  and have outfits that make them feel special for these occaisions. Yet surprisingly few people own more than one pair of glasses!

We recommend that all our patients should consider as a very minimum

          A pair for everyday wear

          A pair for the sun

          A pair for fun!

After all, you are unlikely to wear running shoes to the office or stilettoes on a hike so why, in addition to your everyday look would you not want a special pair for when you dress up?

And as for sunglesses, Ultra Violet (UV) causes eye diseases including cataract and macula degereration – why would you not want to protect yourself?

Let us help you build your Eyewear wardrobe



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