Things you want to know but are afraid to ask!

Why should I choose Jackson and Co. Styling Opticians?


People hate their glasses because they find them ugly and unconfortable. At Jacksons, our patients trust us to help them select comfortable eyewear that looks fantastic and makes them feel confident to face the world.

Feel free to download our guide to 10 things you should know before you choose your optician.





Why should I choose an independent optometry practice?

If you are not happy with your current optometry practice.

If you are uninspired by their choice of eyewear.

If you want access to the most up to date equipment such as OCT and Optomap laser eye scanning.

If you want to feel your relationship is one of  value rather than being just transactional, then independent optometry practice many be for you.


As independent optometrists we believe in building relationships with our patients and many have been with the practice since they were children. Because we are independent, we choose the pace at which we work and the products we sell and this allows us to nurture these relationships and always be able to do the right thing by our customers.

To find out more about why we are so passionate about independent optometry, use the link below to download a free book I have written on the subject.


Download our guide by clicking on the picture above.




Are your glasses expensive?

Expense is a relative thing. We hope all our customers feel they have received good value. Certainly patients often conmment on how long their eyewear has lasted compared with pieces purchased elsewhere.

Many  optometry chains offer basic eyewear for significantly less than our entry level but equally, some boutique practices stock far more expensive frames collections.

We offer our patients the option, to spread their payments over 10 months, interest free with no credit checks and find this to be a very popular option.




Do I need an appointment or can I just pop in?


Whilst we are always delighted to receive visitors, it is generally better to ring ahead to make an appointment.

We are a small team, and this way, we can ensure that we have allocated enough time in the diary to help you.






Can I come on a Saturday?

On Saturdays we offer Eyewear Styling Consultations, Contact Lens Fittings and Aftercare, Dry Eye Consultations along with Spectacle Fitting and Adjustment. Saturdays are busy days for us so we work strictly by appointment.




Do you have lots of frames to choose from?


At Jacksons we love to help patients find their perfect spectacle frames by presenting them with options.

We therefore carry in stock many hundreds of frames and can also get bepoke frames made to order where necessary.







I don’t know what would suit me – will you help me choose?

Absolutely! Our reputation, and our customers future comfort and happiness depend upon selecting the right frames / lens combination.  We are not going to leave that to chance!

We sit down with our patients to discuss what their hopes and expectations.  We investigate any problems they have encountered historically and  discuss their visual needs. This allows us to make recommendations on lens and frame design.

We are honest too! We are not the sort of place where you will be told you look fantastic which every frame you try on.

Our role is to help customers find a frame they will be delighted with for years to come so we always give an honest opinion on how things look and fit.




I just don’t suit glasses!

We have not had a customer yet where we failed to find a frame suiting both their looks and personality! It can be a shock when you see yourself in glasses for the first time or try a style different to what you are uesd to.

But bear with it! Give yourself a moment!

Often its just a matter of finding the right shape and colours to suit and then selecting a well fitting frame.

And dont go worrying about big noses, wonky ears etc. We are all individuals!

We choose our stock thinking about real people. So we buy frames for large heads, small heads, big and little noses, pale skins, dark skins….. you get the picture.

Most frames can be adjusted but the most comefortable ones are always to ones which feel perfect without too much tweeking – which is part of the reason we have so much stock!




How do I look after my eyewear once I have got it?

Our helpful gude will tell you all you need to know about caring for your glasses.



But I can get glasses much cheaper on line!

Absolutely you can. And in truth, if cost is your most pressing concern, we are not the right practice for you.

Online sales can work ok for small simple prescriptions and customers with average facial features. In our experience, they work better for part time wearers and work very badly for high prescriptions and varifocals.

And online cannot do adjustments or help you if you damage your specs.

We work with quality lenses and frames to offer our customers their best visual solution based on need not price.

We will always offer several options  but will NOT compromise on fit or visual efficiency.

We will never recommend something that does not fit your needs, just to make a sale.


Any questions?

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