Spectacle Lenses

Why choose Transitions Light Intelligent lenses?


We all love a bright sunny day but sadly, as we get older, our eyes become more sensitive to light, and we may find ourselves squinting more often or experiencing discomfort in bright environments. For those of us experiencing these problems, it might be time to consider upgrading our spectacle lenses to Transitions Lenses.This is [...]

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Spectacle Lenses


Lenses Are your spectacle lenses too heavy or do they look thick and ugly? Do you feel you just don't see as well as you should in your glasses? Do you struggle with some visual tasks like your computer screen?   Choosing the wrong lenses can lead to disappointment in your eyewear. Sore noses, [...]

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Reflection Free Lenses


Reflection Free Lenses Our eyes are important communicators – let people see them with reflection free lenses! Sapphire Using multi-angular technology to tackle light from all angles and by doing so greatly reducing reflections. Find Out More Prevencia Combating eye fatigue by reducing glare from computer screens, tablets and smartphones. Find [...]

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Lens Materials


Spectacle lenses need to be made out of the most appropriate material to ensure they give the best optical performance and look fantastic. This is a brief overview of some commonly used spectacle lens materials. Orma 1.5 From Essilor was the world’s first mass-market plastic lens. An organic material, Orma is a quality lens at [...]

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Polarized Lenses


Polarized lenses are a type of sunglass lens that can help reduce glare and improve visibility in bright sunlight. These lenses are made by applying a special film or coating to the surface of the lens that filters out certain types of light. One of the main benefits of polarized lenses is that they can [...]

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Essilor Road Pilot – make your night driving easier


Many people dislike driving at night. It’s something that my patients commonly mention to me at their routine consultations. Night driving is difficult because the human eye has developed to have its best vision at much higher light intensities. Also, eye disease such as cataract and macula degeneration can cause additional glare from oncoming headlights. [...]

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Which are the best varifocal lenses ?


When people ask me which is the best varifocal for them to choose, my answer is simple - go for the best one you can afford because this is going to give you the most comfortable, most natural vision. Some people come to Jacksons with stories of not getting along with varifocals in the past. [...]

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Benefits of polarised lenses


Ultraviolet rays from the sun are incredibly damaging to our eyes contributing to the development of both cataract and Age-Related Macula Degeneration. According to World Health Organization, 20 percent of cataract cases are avoidable with proper UV eye protection. When sunlight is reflected from a horizontal surface, like land, water or the bonnet of a [...]

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How strong are Essilor lenses? – A cautionary tale!


Now I know that in business one should always “big up” ones products. I just wanted to share this with you as I was genuinely impressed with the strength and durability of my Essilor X design varifocals. A couple of weeks ago I took Felix sailing to the Queen Mother Reservoir, Datchet which lies directly [...]

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