Tom Davies

Tom Davies is a prestigious eyewear brand without parallel, built on the principles of fit, form and function.

Have you ever found your perfect frame but it just does not fit?
Have you ever found your perfect frame but it would be even more perfect in a different colour?
Do you find that your glasses are too big on the nose or too tight leaving tram lines on the side of your head?

Then Tom Davies frames could be for you.

We can alter virtually every aspect of every frame in this collection to make it what you want and need it to be. Each frame is then hand made to order which takes 6-8 weeks in The Tom Davies factory which is located just outside London.

And if you don’t want to wait and find exactly what you want in the practice, it could be fitted with lenses to your prescription in about a week as we have about 90 frames in stock. Some are very muted – tortoisehell, crystal and other neutral tones. Others are quite dramatic -blues, greens and scarlets. It really depends on you and it is amazing how different a frame can look in different colours!