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Behind battery breakthrough! Rolls-Royce and electric cars.

Behind battery breakthrough! I found this interesting piece by Selina Powell in our trade journal Optometry Today and thought I would share. Developments in polymer materials founded in contact lens research could lead to electric vehicles travelling similar distances to petrol vehicles without the need to stop and recharge. The advances address the conundrum of [...]


An 86-year-old Croydon man is able to read the newspaper and help his wife with the gardening again after he received a pioneering therapy A man in his 80s and a woman in her 60s have regained the ability to read following a ‘ground-breaking’ wet AMD treatment derived from stem cells. The therapy was successfully [...]

A message from the Macula Society – Please read this and pass on the message to friends and family

Help us prevent avoidable sight loss by telling people that smoking causes blindness Things may have been very different for people like Kath had she known. Kath, who was diagnosed with AMD around 10 years ago, said: “I had no idea smoking could damage eye sight. If I had known I definitely wouldn’t have smoked [...]

Dementia Friends – Last night I became a Dementia Friend!

Last night I attended a meeting about living with dementia. My ex mother in law has dementia and I was keen to learn more about the condition and how the way in which I interact with sufferers and their families both personally and professionally. As a result of the meeting I have become a Dementia [...]

Losing more than sight?

Researchers are stressing that maintaining vision is key to the wider health and wellbeing of older adults. The importance of elderly patients’ vision has once again been highlighted, after the release of a new study examining the impact of visual impairment on physical and mental health. German researchers followed nearly 2400 people aged between 77 [...]