Coco Song

An exclusive Italian collection of handmade ladies frames. Featuring exquisite elements such as silk, feathers, dried flowers, enamel and semi precious stones in both vibrant and muted colourways. Each frame is one of a limited edition of 500 pieces.

Drawing inspiration from the mystery of the Orient, using the finest materials in the world, Italian brand Coco Song creates women’s luxury eyewear delivering an unparalleled artistic masterpiece in each and every frame. Exquisite elements such as silk, dried flowers, feathers, semi-precious stones, metal accents and enamelling are matched with one of a kind acetates. Each frame is made by the careful hand and expertise of an artisan master taking a minimum of six months to perfect. A magical blend of Italian design and oriental culture delivers…. an artistic masterpiece.

There are no two Cocosongs alike, every single model is the fruit of knowledgeable and lengthy craftsmanship by skilled artisans and jewellers Delicate real flowers, beautiful coloured tropical bird feathers laid individually with care onto precious multi coloured silk in bold, contrasting colour combinations, each Cocosong was born to amaze.