Jacksons Opticians Nantwich – Are we the right opticians for you?

Do you struggle to find the right glasses for you?

Have you had a disappointing, uninspired experience with other opticians in the past?

Do you hate shopping for glasses and are in need of styling advice and professional expertise regarding lens design?

Are you looking for an optician who can solve all of the above, with a proven track record of professional expertise, experience and personal service?

Welcome to Jacksons Opticians Nantwich – thank you for visiting us. You’ve just taken the first step to finding glasses that will make you look good, feel great, and help you to see perfectly.

Three reasons why you should consider us:

1.Professional expertise –Helen Corson, Owner and Principle Optometrists has over 30 experience in community practice. Post graduate qualification allows her to participate in hospital shared care services and emergency eyecare provision. Our dispensing team have a combined experience of over 75 years in the optical industry. Experts in spectacle frames and lenses, our team will assist in helping you make the right choices when it comes to choosing your new glasses.The practice has made significant investment in the latest diagnostic technology available including Ocular Coherence Tomography (OCT) and retinal photography. Your vision and peace of mind are at the centre of what we do.

2. Niche eyewear – look good and feel great in your eyewear! We believe your eyewear should be taken seriously. Your face is your most recognisable feature and your eyewear should be the centrepiece. Why spoil things with boring, uninspiring eyewear that doesn’t make you feel & look special?

3. Personal Service – Can we get you a tea or coffee? A small point, but one of the many little things we do to put you at your ease and make visiting the optician an enjoyable experience. After having probably the best eye examination ever, our dispensing team will advise you on the best choice of frames and lenses uniquely for you by taking you through an Eyewear Styling Consultation. This is the smarter way to choose your new glasses.

It’s easy to take the first step – call us or book an eye examination online by clicking here

Let us look after your eyes

Jacksons Opticians Nantwich we give our customers a 60 day
“Love Your Glasses” Comfort Guarantee

If, for any reason, you find that the fit of your frame is uncomfortable or if you have any discomfort with the lenses within 60 days of collecting your new glasses, you can choose an alternative frame and/or lenses that will be more comfortable for you. All at no charge.


FREE Eyewear Styling Consultation at Jacksons Opticians Nantwich

Are you looking for new glasses but haven’t found the right pair yet? Are you daunted by the thought of trawling through endless pairs of glasses trying to guess what suits you best?

Our unique Eyewear Styling consultation will make choosing new glasses an effortless and enjoyable experience. This initial consultation is free and there is absolutely no pressure or obligation to purchase.

Here at Jacksons, our patients have made the journey from eyewear being a hassle and pain to a real positive. A talking point. Something you enjoy.

Every day, we help patients make this journey and find glasses that look good and feel great.

Let our team guide you through the process of choosing new glasses. We’ll remove the hassles and frustrations to ensure you get the perfect pair for you. Get your FREE Eyewear Styling Consultation by clicking here.



Because we understand how frustrating choosing glasses can be, we stock over 900 frames selected from the best collections from around the world. We want you to look good and feel comfortable in your glasses.

Eye Tests

Our bespoke eye examinations are tailored to your individual needs. We have invested in the best recent technology such as Ocular Coherence Tomography (OCT) for the benefit of our patients.


We are proud to work with Essilor Lenses, manufacturers of the original Varilux varifocals.We believe passionately that the best lenses give the best vision.

Optical Coherence Tomography

Using the latest in eye scanning technology, we can create a 3D image of your retina during your regular checkup. This is the most up to date hospital technology and is available to both private and NHS patients.


If you are looking to purchase new glasses, don’t do anything until you have downloaded and read FREE guide to choosing eyewear.

Our guide to choosing glasses is filled with insider information that will help you avoid common eyewear buying mistakes that we have seen so many times over the years. Download your FREE copy here.

Your FREE copy – Download it here now. “Choosing Eyewear – The Jacksons Opticians guide to selecting eyewear that makes you feel fantastic”


Customer Testimonials

Many thanks to everyone at SW&C Jackson. They are the most professional and friendly opticians that I have visited, Particularly impressed by the care and attention taken during my detailed eye test, and the excellent advice in providing my new glasses – perfect!

Mike Hoppo

An excellent, professional and efficient service, while at the same time being personal, thorough and unhurried.

Peter Shea

This, in my opinion, is an excellent opticians with first class service and very friendly and experienced staff.

I would highly recommend this opticians to anyone who cares to ask.

Peter Wright

As a small independent optician I found the staff very professional the whole experience was excellent from the eye test to the choice of glasses A much better experience and care than the bigger high street chains. I would highly recommend Jackson’s Opticians

Simon Hall

This is a practice with experienced and friendly staff who go out of their way to help and I would recommend it to anyone looking for an Opticians

Roger Stanton

Having struggled with varifocals from large high street chains in the past I now visit Jacksons for a more bespoke, personalised service which is exactly what I get. Very friendly with a high level of service.

Ashley Weaver

A niche market for those who value a personal service over the mass market of some well advertised “High Street” opticians.

They provide a wide range glasses and lenses as well as contact lens. A welcoming staff who go that extra mile to support the optometrist.

Great to find a “traditional” optician in this day of speed over quality. A real find.

Alan Breadon

I have recently been provided with a set of glasses and sun glasses by Jacksons. They had a great offer on on lenses, too good to miss out on. Im so glad I took it up as the sun glasses with prescription lenses have been invaluable.

Their service is excellent. Attentive, considered and professional.

Fiona Massey

We have been looked after by Helen and her team for many years. Unlike national chain opticians Jackson’s service is personal offering privacy in a quiet setting, the healthcare element second to none and now offering an expanded selection of frames. Patient care comes first unlike previous experience in larger opticians where selling can be the priority.

Peter Gerrard

I purchased a pair of new glasses a few months ago from Jacksons Opticians, a spring in part of the frame broke unexpectedly, I returned these and was subsequently looked after brilliantly, the team were really helpful and sent the Frame back to the manufacturer and replaced without hesitation. It is lovely to receive such great service from a small friendly independent local company.

Kevin Edge

Very nice people with a friendly yet ultra professional approach. Not afraid of investing in new equipment. Five star all the way.

John Fielding

Can’t thank the staff at Jackson opticians enough. My new glasses are light weight, no pressure on my nose and ears at all! Plus due to the lenses being coated on both sides no more mascara smears or constant glasses cleaning during the day! Love them.

Nicola Breadon

Brilliant opticians in Nantwich. Went the extra mile when I registered as I had only just moved to Nantwich and broke my glasses. The service from start to finish was brilliant with a thank you card and phone call asking if everything is ok with the glasses

Douglas Thomson

Excellent service. Thorough eye sight test and glasses came with in a week for me to wear. Thank you.

Keith Williams

Staff are wonderful. Very helpful in helping me choose a lovely frame, a very daunting task for a contact lens wearer. Always on hand if i have a problem, always great service. Thanks everyone.

Chris Povey

A lovely atmosphere and so helpful too. Very friendly, patient, supportive and understanding.

Thank you

Margaret Sutton


Flexible payment options with no extra cost

At Jacksons  we’ll never give you a single ’take it or leave it’ price. We’ll always consult with you and give you several frame and lens options and guidance as to what will work best for you.
In addition to choices when it comes to how much you invest in your frames and lenses, we can also let you spread the payments for your glasses over 9 months with no extra cost. That way you can get the glasses that are best for you without having to compromise or delay.



Sale! Because its Christmas………

Its nearly Christmas which means I will soon be taking a couple of weeks off and heading back to Anglesey to spend some time with my family.
Because its Christmas………
Think of Christmas shopping and picture a scene of people hustling and bustling, banging in to one another as they fight their way through the streets on a Christmas Shopping Mission. But all is not as it seems.

Opticians all over the country are deserted at this time of year. Stepping off the streets and into Jacksons is like stepping into a calm and peaceful oasis. So it puts me in the unique position of being able to offer you a Christmas Shopping Experience with a difference!

Save £100 to £300 on your spectacle frames

From 1st December to 6th January we are having a fantastic End Of Year Frame Sale.

  • Buy one frame and get £100 off
  • Buy two frames and get £200 off
  • Buy three frames and get £300 off

This is a frame sale so even if you only purchase a frame you will still get the money off. The savings also apply to sunglasses.

An opportunity to treat yourself!

A New look for the New Year! – the New Year is a great time to update your eyewear and start 2020 with a more modern look.

Make life easier! – with an additional pair for reading or computer work. A spare pair of readers for by the bed or treat yourself with a pair of prescription sunglasses. If you don’t treat yourself, who will?

Add a new style to your collection - take this opportunity to add an additional style to your eyewear wardrobe and save £100 or more!

Don’t Miss Out!

And the best bit is that we are making this offer on our very best frame brands. Individual, niche, designer eyewear from the world’s best eyewear designers. This is not your typical sale where you can only choose from the end of line left overs. In fact this is the opposite. This is your opportunity to select a frame from the very best ranges we have and save £100 to £300.
This is a rare occurrence and is only possible over the Christmas period because we are quiet and it helps us to clear some space for the arrival of next years new stock.

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