Skaga is a Swedish traditional, authentic and genuine brand with a history that began as early as in 1948.

The brand originated from Småland among sparkling lakes and deep forests. Skaga, with its skilled and genuine craftsmanship have designed, developed and at times manufactured eyeglass frames in Jonkoping, for 70 years. Skaga has an authentic heritage, a long design tradition and history that few brands can rival. Skaga have found a classic and timeless way to balance a good form with function and design, and is a brand that constantly strives to be at the forefront in terms of both high quality and design. That has made Skaga into a leading brand in Scandinavia in the manufacture of eyewear frames. Skaga can also take pride in being the only Swedish eyewear company granted the Royal Warrant Holder title. For decades, this quality mark has become distinctive for the brands Swedish design and is a prestigious title that you carry with honor.