Your vision is precious!

Our Enhanced Eye Health Examinations is a comprehensive evaluation of your vision and ocular health lasting approximately 45 minutes. You will see both our optometrist and an optical technician who will conduct a battery of tests appropriate to your needs.

We will

  • establish and prescribe your precise prescription
  • discuss your specific requirements for glasses
  • ensure your eyes are in tip top health and make any necessary referrals
  • recomend additional therapies as required such as dry eye management or myopia control
  • Make recomendations for spectacles based on your prescription and lifestlye


Using our Maestro Optical Coherence Tomographer (OCT) we will scan deep into the retinal structure for early signs conditions like glaucoma and age related degeneration. These scans can be compared over time to show progression of ocular concerns.

We will also look right to the edges of the retina using Optomap Widefield imaging. This takes picture of the back of the eye giving a view similar if not better than that obtained with pupil dilation. We can therefore visualize the outer edges of the retina seeing things that we would not see during a basic test – and without the need for stinging drops and blurred vision for hours afterwards




The Enhanced Eye Health Examination includes

  • History and symptom assessment
  • refraction – assessment of your prescription
  • External eye examination by slit lamp biomicroscopy
  • Internal eye examination by indirect slit lamp biomicroscopy
  • Intraocular pressure assement by ICare or Goldmann tonometry
  • Suprathreshold visual field testing
  • Topcon Maestro Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) scanning
  • Optomap Wide Field Retinal Imaging
  • Anterior Eye OCT assessment where indicated
  • Discussion of our findings and recommendations
  • Referral for further investigations if deemed necessary
  • Ocular health and nutrition advice

At the end of your Extended Eye Health Examination, our optometrist will discuss their findings and recommendations with you. They will clearly explain both the purpose and the results of the tests that you have undergone before making recommendations.

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