Are you bothered by irritated, or watery eyes?

Do your eyes often feel dry, itchy, or watery?

Does reading, computer work or certain environments, make your eyes feel scratchy, burning  or tired?

If you answer yes” to any of these questions, you may have a dry eye or allergy eye syndrome.

Case Study

Julia came to Jacksons for an eye examination complaining of intermittant blurring of her vision when reading or using the computer. Examination revealed her glasses to be perfectly adiquate and her eyes to be healthy. She did have however, a very unstable tear film – once she blinked, the tears over her cornea broke up within 2 seconds causing her vision to blurr until she blinked again.

After referral and management by Mr Price, her tear break up time increased from 2 to 18 seconds, and her near vision became comfortable again.

The topographer maps show Julias initial scan results alongside one 6 weeks after she started treatment.

11/12/2023 Tear break up time 2 seconds                                                20/01/2024 Tear break up time 18 seconds

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