Did you know that dry eye can affect the quality of your vision as well as making your eyes watery or uncomfortable?

If you do not have adiquate spread of your tears across your cornea, your vision will be variable especially when reading – one minute you can read perfectly and the next its has gone blurred and smudgy.

This is because the corneal surface is not perfectly smooth – it has undulations in it which your tears fill and hey presto, your vision improves. Its a bit like glass that has become frosted by the sea – this always becomes clearer when wetted.

Case Study

Julia came to Jacksons for an eye examination complaining of intermittant blurring of her vision when reading or using the computer. Examination revealed her glasses to be perfectly adiquate and her eyes to be healthy. She did have however, a very unstable tear film – once she blinked, the tears over her cornea broke up into dry patches within 2 seconds causing her vision to blurr until she blinked again.

After referral and management by our Dry Eye Consultant, Mr Price, her tear break up time increased from 2 to 18 seconds, and her near vision became comfortable again.

The topographer maps show Julias initial scan results alongside one 6 weeks after she started treatment.

11/12/2023 Tear break up time 2 seconds                                                20/01/2024 Tear break up time 18 seconds

Dry eye problems can affect anyone but are more common in people who spend a lot of time using screens and older people, especially women. Artificial tears can help but they are a bit like a sticking plaster – they cover up the problem rather than addressing it.

At Jacksons, we are fortunate to have a resident dry eye specialist, Mr Andrew Price who can work with you to establish what is the root cause of your dry eye problem and work with you to improve the quantity and quality of your tear film.

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