Eye Examinations and Contact Lens Assessments.

Your eyes deserve the best care. We have invested in advanced diagnostic equipment and passionately believe that comprehensive eyecare should be affordable and accessible for all.

An eye examination is not the same for every patient. It is adapted to your individual requirements – a core group of diagnostics tests to ensure healthy ocular function with supplementary examinations added as appropriate.

Enhanced Eye Health Examinations

Benefit from the peace of mind that an extended eye examination brings. Our comprehensive eye examination involves a complete diagnostic evaluation by an optometrist and clinical technician using Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) and Optomap Laser Scanning of the back of the eye. This exam takes approximately 45 minutes and can show us many things that are not detected during a basic sight test . Find out more here.

Under 30’s Eye Examination

Young eyes tend to be healthy eyes! A comprehensive eye examination for those under 30 years of age taking approximately 30 minutes and will include Optomap laser scanning of the back of the eye. Find out more here.

 NHS funded Sight Test

The NHS Sight Test is the basic test available to eligible NHS patients. The NHS stipulates the minimum standards and tests that should be included in the NHS Sight Test. This does not include the use of the Optomap Widefield Laser Scanning or Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT). Find out more here.

 Contact lens fitting and aftercare

Are you wearing the very best contact lenses? Are your lenses comfortable? Are you happy with the vision you get with contact lenses? Are you interested to learn about modern contact lens fitting such as Ortho K and Myopia Management?

Regular contact lens checks are important to ensure that you contact lenses stay comfortable and do not harm your eyes. Find out more here.

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