Contact Lenses

Would you like a different look?
Would you like to not wear glasses at the weekend or when you go out?
Would you like the convenience of not having to wear glasses when playing sport?
Are there just times when you would like to not have to wear your glasses?

If the answer is YES! to any of the above then maybe you should think about trying contact lenses?
Many people wear contact lenses for sporting and recreational purposes, preferring to wear their glasses the rest of the time. This is really easy today with daily disposable contact lenses – wear it once then throw it away – no cleaning or storage issues.
They even come in multifocal format for varifocal wearers. In fact these days, most people can find a lens that they can get along with and with the advent of Johnson and Johnson Acuvue lenses in Transitions, you will not even need sunglasses!


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