Physio 3.0 is for easy vision. Varifocals can take some getting used to. Wearers often get a ‘swim’ sensation when their eyes need to quickly change focus. Varilux Physio 3.0 Series lenses cut this effect by up to 50%, making it much easier to adapt to varifocals. They offer total comfort whatever the task, and precise clarity at any distance. The secret behind Varilux Pyhsio 3.0 series is Swim Control, an exclusive technology that reduces the swim effect in order to make adaptation easy.

You will instantly feel comfortable with Varilux® Physio 3.0 series™ as you wear them for your daily routine and activities such as driving, rushing to go to work, going downstairs, reading, etc.

Varilux® Physi0 3.0 series™ was designed with wearers like you in mind. Always ensuring these lenses are meeting your expectations, the Varilux Research and Development team always puts you, the wearer, first and uses a unique patented process combining the latest optical research with observation and tests carried out in daily life situations.

Essilor are so confident that you will love your Varilux Pyhsio 3.0 Series lenses that they have added it to their Varilux adaptation guarantee. This means in the unlikely event you are dissatisfied with your Varilux lenses in the first 60 days, they will replace them with a suitable alternative.