Are your spectacle lenses too heavy or do they look thick and ugly?

Do you feel you just don’t see as well as you should in your glasses?

Do you struggle with some visual tasks like your computer screen?


Choosing the wrong lenses can lead to disappointment in your eyewear. Sore noses, rubbed ears, feeling you would like to see just a bit better – these are things that patients frequently mention when we ask them about previous pairs of glasses.

Let us recommend the best type of lens for your prescription and optical needs. We work with premium lens providers Essilor and Tokai to offer you your best visual solution.



This dictates the purpose of the lens and is governed by your prescription and lifestyle. Yor lens could be single vision, varirifocal or bifocal for example.


The look, weight and resilience of your glasses will depend on what material the lens is made from.

Lens technology

Lenses can be treated to eliminate surface reflections, block UV, improve clarity of vision and protect your eyes from damaging radiation.


But don’t worry about these things. We will talk with you to discover how you want your glasses to work for you and what problems you have had in the past. We will then be able to recommend the best lens for you.

There are many things to consider when choosing a lens. Let our experienced team guide you through the process.