Discover the Perfect Eyewear Colours for Grey Hair!

Embracing the natural journey of our hair colour is a beautiful adventure. As we age, our hair may transform into a more silver hue, accompanied by subtle shifts in our skin tone and perhaps even eye colour. It’s a transition worth celebrating and particularly post Covid, we are seeing more women ditching their hair dye in favour of going au naturelle!

Colours that once complemented our youthful skintones may no longer do justice to our evolving look. As we embrace our silver locks, it’s crucial to explore new color palettes that enhance our radiance and vitality, rather than diminishing our glow.

When choosing eyyewear to complement grey hair, the secret lies in selecting eyewear that harmonize with our natural beauty, reigniting the sparkle in our eyes and imparting a luminous glow to our complexion.


Experience the Magic of Colour in Eyewear

Choosing the right eyewear colour can be truly transformative. Since glasses sit prominently on our faces, close to our skin, hair, and eyes, selecting the perfect colour becomes vital for achieving a balanced and harmonious look.

If you’re among those embracing your silver strands, consider yourself fortunate! Grey hair serves as a stunning backdrop for a wide array of colours. With the rise of silver and platinum trends in fashion, owning your grey has never been more fashionable.

Cool-toned colours with blue undertones prove particularly flattering for grey hair and cooler rosy skin tones. Opt for shades like cool pinks, raspberry reds (as opposed to warm strawberry reds), and an array of beautiful blues and turquoises to enhance your natural beauty.

But There Are So Many Shades Of Grey!

When it comes to grey hair, the spectrum of shades and intensities is vast. While individuals with cool colouring tend to look fabulous in cool-toned hues, the depth of your hair colour plays a significant role in determining the most flattering shades for you.

Light Grey/White Hair – Embrace Lighter Eyewear Shades

If you have very light grey or white hair, together with paler eye colour and skin tone, opt for lighter, cooler shades for your eyewear such as pale or translucent violets, baby pinks, or sky blue. These hues will enhance your overall appearance without overwhelming your lighter colouring.

However, if you’re drawn to bolder shades like hot pink, consider a finer rim for a daring splash of colour, after all, its important to consider your sense of style as well as the colour of your eyewear.

Steel Grey –  Strong Cool Shades

For those with a more intense steely grey hair, bolder colour choices can work well. Experiment with contrasting light and dark cool colors, like striking black and white or bold blue-based reds and dont forget to experiment with texture.

If you prefer softer shades, contrast icy blues with darker tones like black or grey for a flattering effect. Matt finishes tend to be more flattering that high sheen being somewhat warmer and more tactile.

Salt and Pepper  – Embrace Soft Cool Shades

If your hair displays a “salt and pepper” look, with around 50% grey mixed with your natural color, softer cool shades such as lavender, soft fuchsia, or charcoal are ideal.

Matt rather than shiney sinishes can  soften the colour and are flattering to older skin but again it depends on your sense of eyewear style. A big bold high sheen frame teamed with strong facial features can look stunning.

What to Avoid with Silver and Grey Hair

Avoid warm or yellow-based shades like golds, golden browns, yellows, and strawberry reds, as they can make your skin appear yellowish and your hair dull. These shades are better suited for warmer hair and skin tones.


Welcome the Change, Embrace Your New Look!

As we navigate the journey of getting older, embracing our silver crown becomes an empowering choice. By selecting eyewear colours that complement our hair and skin tone, we can embrace our unique beauty with confidence and style. So, let your silver shine and explore the captivating world of colours that enhance your natural radiance!

If you’re eager to experiment with colour or seek advice on choosing the right for you, consider reaching out to us for a complementary styling consultation where we can offer valuable insights on colour choices and and eyewear selection.