Contact Lenses

Problems with your contact lenses? – We are here to help!

Many people wear contact lenses but are not 100% happy with their experience. Irritations can include

  • uncomfortable dry eyes – especially towards the end of the day
  • vision not being as good as you would like it to be
  • problems reading small print
  • reduced wearing times


If you are having any of these problems then please get in touch.

Our contact lens practitioner Mr Andrew Price has many decades of experience in finding solutions to make contact lens wear more satisfying for his patients. Whether it is the lens design, lens material or maybe a tear film issue, he will offer solutions to deliver your best contact lens wearing experience.

Call us on 01270 625 889  or send us an email.


We fit and supply both soft and gas permeable (rigid) contact lenses as well as specialty lenses such as Ortho K  and  ChromaGen which can help colour identificalion in colourblind individuals

picture of a hydrophylic soft contact lens about to be inserted into the eye

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