Here at Jacksons we have teamed up with hearing aid specialists “My Hearing” to provide Nantwich with a premium Audiology Service. We know that experiencing hearing loss can be quite a scary experience. You worry that you’re going to miss out on important moments, milestones and events. From the joy of a child’s laughter to early morning birdsong, so much of our lives is enjoyed and enriched by sound. Sound is a bridge that connects us all. My Hearing seek to provide people with the necessary treatment and advice to help them enjoy as much of the world around them as possible.

Our resident audiologist is Debbie Bedford, she has many years’ experience in solving peoples hearing problems, Debbie is a HCPC registered hearing aid dispenser who is fully qualified in audiology and ear wax removal. You will be in very good hands! Debbie has a professional caring approach, who shows empathy and understanding to her patients, ensuring you will have a positive experience whilst finding out whether or not you have any hearing issues. As well as hearing testing and aid supply, My Hearing also offers a painless ear wax removal service. Earwax is a completely natural substance made up of oil, dust and skin cells. Harmless in small quantities, earwax is an important form of protection against the dirt and bacteria which can cause ear infections. The exact composition of earwax varies from person to person, but ultimately its purpose is to keep the ear canal lubricated, remove impurities and stop it from drying out. The technical name for earwax is cerumen, and it is produced by glands in the outer ear canal. It’s slightly oilier texture prevents the ear canal from becoming itchy and irritating. In addition, the stickiness of the earwax helps it to capture any bits of dirt or dust and prevent them from travelling further down the ear canal. It’s important to remember that ear wax exists for a very good reason and has a vital role to play in your aural health. Unless you are experiencing any hearing problems or discomfort, you’re best leaving your ear wax alone. Simply carry on washing your ears as you normally would, wiping around the outside area with a washcloth or sponge. However, earwax can occasionally begin to build up in the ear canal. This might be because

  • It has got caught in a clump of ear hair
  • It is particularly dry and so struggles to move along the canal
  • Your ear canal is particularly narrow
  • You frequently wear ear plugs which can push the wax down the canal
  • You’ve been underwater e.g. swimming or showering, and the wax has expanded Wax hardens with age.

Earwax build up can lead to deafness and reduce the effectiveness of hearing treatments, including hearing aids. If you’re struggling with your hearing, you should consider speaking to us about earwax removal. Find out more at