This information from came into my inbox and I thought it would be useful to share as my patients who suffer with glaucoma have asked me in the past how to look after their eye drops when traveling.

Managing your eye drops every day is hard enough, without dealing with the disruption of a holiday. It’s available to download or order free of charge here. Here’s some helpful advice on how to use your drops on holiday.

Can I stop my drops while on holiday?

No. Glaucoma eye drops should be taken every day. Stopping them for even a short period of time can cause permanent damage to your vision.

I’m travelling to a different time zone. I’m supposed to take my drops at 8am and 8pm every day. How should I manage this?

Keep taking your eye drops according to UK time until you arrive at your destination, then switch to local time. On your return, take your eye drops according to the local time until you arrive back in the UK.

I’m going to a hot country, but my drops should be kept cooler than 25 degrees centigrade. What should I do?

Buy a cool wallet. These are available here and keep your drops cool without a fridge for up to 45 hours. For more advice call Sightline on 01233 64 81 70.

Can I take my drops on the plane?

Yes. Keep the medication with you in your cabin luggage, as the temperatures in the hold vary. You will need supporting documentation from a relevant medical professional, e.g. a letter from your doctor, or a copy of your prescription.

Can I take my cool wallet on the plane too?

Yes. Again, you’ll need supporting documentation.

What about the rules in other countries?

The rules above are taken from the UK government website, To check the regulations in your destination, speak to your airline.

In the country I’m visiting, they’ve recommended a natural remedy instead of my drops. Should I try taking that too?

We strongly recommend you only take the medication prescribed by your doctor in the UK. Other drops or medication may be ineffective or cause unwanted or even dangerous side effects.