When people ask me which is the best varifocal for them to choose, my answer is simple – go for the best one you can afford because this is going to give you the most comfortable, most natural vision.

Some people come to Jacksons with stories of not getting along with varifocals in the past. Sometimes they still wear them, accepting their value but not really enjoying the experience. Sometimes they speak of how they were put away in a draw and never used because they made them feel sick or unsteady.

Generally these cases arise where the patient is wearing an older style varifocal which is not optimised to give clear edge to edge vision with little or no distortion. We often find when they invest in a well fitting frame and a pair of modern, well measured varifocal lenses, that these problems disappear.

So how much would it cost for such a pair of lenses?

Its hard to say without knowing your prescription and exactly what you want to use your glasses for but our premium varifocals start at around £450 but can be as much as £800.

We have other options that are less expensive but with them will come some form of visual compromise.

With varifocals you get what you pay for. If a patient is working to a budget, I would always rather they compromised on the frame rather than the lens as this generally leads to the happiest outcome.