Now I know that in business one should always “big up” ones products. I just wanted to share this with you as I was genuinely impressed with the strength and durability of my Essilor X design varifocals.

A couple of weeks ago I took Felix sailing to the Queen Mother Reservoir, Datchet which lies directly next to Heathrow Airport. It was quite breezy and on coming off the water we did not immediately furl his sail. As we pulled the boat up the slipway, the sail end which was now flapping freely, whipped me in the face! My fault, I was stood in the wrong place, but easy done. The metal eyelet at the corner of the sail hit me in the eye – fortunately stopped by my glasses. Because of speed with which it hit me I fully expected the lens to be cracked but to my enormous surprise, there was actually not even a scratch on the Crizal Sapphire coating!

Several morals to be taken from this tale

  • Safety first – don’t put yourself in dangerous positions.
  • Always travel with a spare pair of distance glasses – you never know what might happen
  • Think about eye safety – wearing glasses to do the gardening, walking and even crafting can protect you from all sorts of unexpected eye injuries. For more risky situations such as DIY, strimming or mechanical work, consider a pair of safety specs!
  • Invest in quality products as they are much less likely to let you down than cheap alternatives.