Buying glasses can be stressful – at Jacksons, we know how daunting choosing  new frames can be. We have developed a process that enables us to help every patient find their perfect frame and lens combination without anxiety.

We stock over 1000 frames from around the world to make sure we can find the right frame to perfectly suit our patients faces, prescriptions and personalities as well as addressing the technical side of correcting your vision.

We know how important it is to look good and feel confident in glasses – trust us to help you select a pair that really suits you.

Bespoke Eyewear

Bespoke eyewear is the jewel in the crown. Create your own frame. Choose the colour, style, material, and we will ensure its going to be a perfect fit.

There are hundreds if not thousands of combination options, and our frame stylists will help you to choose the right one for you.

Is it for you? Everyone can benefit from our bespoke service. It is not just about people with high prescriptions or unusual sizings.

A word of warning. Once you go to bespoke, you will never want to go back.

What will it cost? Our bespoke range starts at around £350 for handmade frames made in England.

How long will it take?  Bespoke orders take about 8 weeks.

Custom Made Eyewear

What is the difference between bespoke and custom-made?

Bespoke is about creating eyewear specifically for you, your facial measurements and colour and finish choice. Our custom-made eyewear allows you to choose from a fixed range of styles and colours and then we will select from sizes that are closest to your actual requirements.

What will it cost? Our custom-made eye eyewear varies in price depending upon the design and materials used. Frames start from £400 and are are  handmade in Denmark

How long will it take? Custom-made orders take about 6 weeks.

Niche Eyewear

Ready to wear – Pret a porter. Simply choose the frame from the selection shown to you and we will order your lenses to be glazed into that same frame. Generally these frames come in just one size, sometimes there is a choice of colours.

We select our niche eyewear from all over the world to bring you frames collections that you will not find in every opticians. From the bold hand painted Ronit Furst to the more conservative Silhouette eyewear, there is something for everyone.

Our extensive range of frame collections, bespoke, custom made and niche include: