With all the recent celebrations for D Day I was moved to think of my Dad, now in his eighties.

The temporary exhibition was opened by the last surviving Dambuster, George “Johnnie” Johnson along with the now sadly late Dr. Mary Stopes-Roe (Barnes Wallis’s Daughter). The Museum, located on the now major housing development, Woodford Garden Village, is open to the public each weekend and tells the story of Avro through its Artefacts, Memorabilia, Models and Aircraft. It has many replica aircraft including a Lancaster Cockpit. There are other Cockpits, which are equally accessible, including an Avro Vulcan. The pride and joy is a complete Vulcan, which is presently being internally restored and is the only example in the original all White colours from the 1970’s.

A volunteer at the Avro Heritage Museum, Woodford, Cheshire he was heavily involved last year in an exhibition telling the story of the Dambusters Raid. Not just the story of 617 Squadron, but also the involvement of A.V. Roe in converting the Lancaster bombers to carry and drop the “Bouncing Depth Charge” designed by Barnes Wallis.

Dad, and other like-minded volunteers are keen to preserve the history of Avro and the times when Britain led the World in aircraft design and to build relationships with visitors, including school parties, through relating the story. For those interested there is a web page at http://avroheritagemuseum.co.uk/ which will provide a flavour of what can be found and the museum can be visited at Avro Heritage Centre, Woodford Aerodrome, Chester Road, Woodford, Stockport, Cheshire SK7 1QR. Telephone: 01625 877534 For Dad it provides ability to further his hobby, and hopefully keeps him out of trouble!