Night Lenses

Non surgical perfect vision – Freedom from glasses and day lenses.

The four main options for vision correction are glasses, day lenses, night lenses and laser refractive surgery.

NIGHT LENSES are contact lenses that you pop in at bedtime and your sight is corrected naturally while you sleep. Wake to perfect 20/20 vision – remove the night lenses and have a normal day without needing daytime lenses, glasses or laser surgery.

The effect lasts for 24 hours – repeat every night. And yes, they can also stabilise Myopia (short sight) in children, which is linked to long term eye disease. It’s the ‘sounds too good to be true’ innovation that everyone is talking about.

How do night lenses work?

The process is called Orthokeratology shortened to ‘Ortho-K’. Myopia (short sight) makes the eye like an oval rugby ball – too long so light focuses in the wrong place, causing blur. Every night your cornea (the window of the eye) naturally sheds it’s outer layer of cells. While you sleep the new cells form into the mould of your custom fit night lens, creating a ‘round’ eye that focuses perfectly. Remove the lenses in the morning for clear sight. No need for glasses, daytime lenses or laser eye surgery. The process is harmless and reverses every night – simply repeat every night as part of your routine just as you would with daytime lenses.

“Night lenses changed my life”

The latest innovation everyone’s talking about! A life changing contact lens that gives you freedom from glasses, day lenses & laser surgery. Open your eyes underwater, ditch sports glasses, go onto the beach and into the sea without hassle, watch teenage confidence grow and lives transformed. They also halt myopia progression in children – deteriorating short sight linked to eye disease later on in life. The future of eyecare can be to have anything on your face or in your eyes during the day.

Why choose Night Lenses?

No more glasses or day lenses. No need for laser surgery. Confidence. Less hassle.

Whether it’s being able to see underwater, play sports without rain splattered specs or the fear of losing your lens, working without dry eyes or irritation from dust and dirt, controlling your child’s myopia, gaining confidence … pick your reason.

Am I suitable for Night Lenses?

If you are myopic (short-sighted) by no more than – 5.00 Diopters and with low or no astigmatism, it could very well be for you.  Unfortunately it is not suitable if you are long-sighted (Hypermetropic).

Night Lenses are good for people who:

  • want clear natural vision
  • want to be free from lenses for sports and outdoor activities for example water sports and boxing.
  • do not want to undergo laser refractive surgery
  • find that contact lenses do not fulfill their needs
  • find it hard to wear lenses all day without discomfort
  • suffer from hay-fever
  • work in a very dusty, dry or smoky environment
  • find spectacles and conventional lenses just a plain nuisance
  • need to have a certain degree of uncorrected vision to satisfy their employers or  licensing body (e.g. pilots, police).

How does it work?

Very simply, Night Lenses are specially designed breathable lenses that gently modify the shape of your cornea to allow you to see the same way as someone with normal vision. As they are worn overnight while you sleep, you don’t feel them.

Are Night Lenses safe?

Yes. Research and world-wide experience show that the whole process is safe and 100% reversible. So if you decide to stop or pause Night for any reason, the cornea will return to it’s original shape and you will see clearly with your glasses again. This makes Night Lenses an excellent alternative to laser surgery.

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