We are delighted to introduce our latest bespoke frames collection – Tom Davies.

Tom is a British designer, and all the frames are manufactured in his factory near London, using the finest Italian acetates and Japanese titanium. The frames are all beautiful pieces, but what makes them supper special is that they can be bespoked in several ways to meet the individual needs of a patient.

Struggled to find a frame that fits you perfectly – meet Tom Davies!

If like me, you have struggled to find a frame which fits you perfectly in every aspect and which comes in a colour you love then look no further – Tom Davies is the collection for you. To put some perspective on this – prior to the deregulation of 1989, most opticians offered a limited selections of frame styles, but each frame style was generally available in different eye sizes, bridge sizes, side lengths and if you were really lucky, a choice of colours! This meant that there was not a lot of choice, but the frames generally fitted well! 1989 changed all of that. Glasses could now be sold by anybody – no training required!

Bucket shops owned by unlicenced sellers sprang up all over changing the way spectacle frames were chosen – the public demanded choice. And they got it! Walk onto most high street optometry practices and you will find the walls covered in an array of frames in all colours of the rainbow. From refined rimless to super funky acetates, they are all there to be had – but only if they fit. Frames now come in one size only. If it fits – fantastic, if not, keep looking.

Enter Tom Davies. Find a style that suits you, then we tweak the fit, so it’s made to measure, then finally choose the colour. Your bespoke frame can then be ordered – this takes 6 to 8 weeks as each one is made to order for a specific patient. There is an option to have the inner side engraved your name and telephone number perhaps? And if you give us your email address you can receive a video each week of your frame progressing through the factory.

Obviously, this service is not for everybody, but if you have ever had a frame where given the
choice, you would had certain parts of it bigger, smaller, or just a different colour, then Tom Davies could be for you