Introducing Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) 3D Retinal Scanning

At Jacksons we have invested in state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment called Optical Coherence Tomography – OCT for short. This hospital quality retinal scan takes only a few minutes, is comfortable and harmless. In just a few seconds we can learn more about the current and future health of your eyes than ever before.

What is OCT?

An OCT scan helps us to view the health of your eyes in greater detail, looking beneath the surface of the retina.
The scan creates a cross-section view of the back of your eye which is more like ultrasound than a photograph.
Think of a Victoria sponge  – a photo shows the icing on the cake. The OCT scan slices the cake in half and turns it on its side so we can see all the layers inside. Jam, sponge and buttercream or nerve fibre layer, pigment epithelium and choroid etc……..
We  can then map out and measure the thickness of these layers to get a clear idea of your eye health.

3 reasons why YOU should have an OCT retinal scan

  1. OCT is an advanced way of assessing the health of your eyes. It  allows us to see early, subtle signs of eye disease that may otherwise be missed by more traditional methods of examination.
  2. Early detection of eye diseases allows for earlier treatment and better outcome for your eye health and vision. OCT scanning can pick up early glaucomatous changes many years before visual field loss is detected.
  3. Uniquely, the OCT software will compare all future scans with your first scan to alert the optometrist to any potential changes in your eye health.

We are committed to providing the best clinical care believe that your eyesight and peace of mind are important. This is hospital standard diagnostic technology is standard within our Enhanced Eye Health Examinations.  We are delighted to offer this service to NHS funded patients for a small professional fee.


A healthy macula


Sub retinal fluid in wet macula degeneration