One in six people questioned as part of new research from Optegra said they couldn’t be bothered to go for a sight test

04 May 2017 by Emily McCormick

Almost 10 million Brits are at risk of losing their sight because they “can’t be bothered” to go for a sight test, a new report published by Optegra reveals.

The Vision of Britain report, which was commissioned by the private eye hospital company, also found that 50% of patients presenting for a sight test for the first time require vision correction, while 15% had an eye condition that had been diagnosed too late.

Of the 2000 members of the public questioned, one in 10 required spectacles or treatment, despite believing their sight was “fine.” Furthermore, one in four said they believed wearing spectacles would make their vision worse.

However, despite avoiding the opticians, 82% of those questioned said they wanted 20:20 vision, with 60% naming their vision as the sense they value the most.

Revealing the findings, Optegra has published a 20-page report featuring advice on day-to-day eye care such as identifying vision problems in children, myth busting and information on the latest medical advances to treat common eye conditions.

Optometrist and head of Optegra Eye Sciences, Dr Clare O’Donnell, emphasised: “Without regular eye examinations, problems are being left undiagnosed and untreated which can lead to serious vision damage. It is vital for everyone to have regular eye checks, even if they suspect nothing is wrong with their eye sight. Giving up just 20–30 minutes of your time once every two years, could potentially save your vision.”