The Eyewear Styling Consultation

Do you find the process of choosing glasses stressful?

Do you struggle to find glasses that fit, feel comfortable and look good?

Have you been disappointed by opticians in the past?

If so then read on…

The Eyewear Styling Consultation – a guided journey

The eyewear styling consultation removes the frustration and hassle from purchasing eyewear. We will talk with you about your hopes for your new eyewear and using our experience, select frames that will fit and suit your prescription. Think of it as having a personal shopper!

Our  eyewear Styling consultation makes choosing new glasses an effortless and enjoyable experience. Our highly trained staff will discuss how you feel about wearing glasses and where you have had problems in the past. They will talk with you about your visual requirements and your prescription to ensure you get the best visual solution.

This initial consultation takes up to 45 minutes is free and there is absolutely no pressure or obligation to purchase.

Every day, we help patients make this journey and find glasses that look good and feel great.
Let our team guide you through the process of choosing new glasses.

Choosing glasses can be difficult and frustrating….. but we do this every day!

We will take the time to answer your questions and get to know you. You will see a real, sincere people who are knowledgeable, helpful and passionate about what they do.


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