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50% Off X Series Varifocals by Essilor

Buy a complete pair of spectacles including X Series Varifocals by Essilor and get another set of X Series Varifocals half price.

Varilux X series is the first Varilux lens to dramatically reduce head movement and ensure that your vision is as natural as possible for everyday activities within arm’s reach and beyond. Essilor believe that their Varilux X series is the best Varilux they have ever designed.

Our posture and the way we look at things up close have changed. You’re now drinking coffee while texting the kids, sending an email via a tablet on the train or checking your social news feed every other hour. In short, everything that matters today happens within arm’s reach. Before now, no varifocal lens has been designed to accommodate these modern day behaviours and therefore you had to, ‘point your nose to where you want to look at’.

Varilux X series removes this limitation through its ‘Xtend’ technology, dramatically reducing head movement so you don’t have to find the sweet spot.

For more information please look at https://www.essilor.co.uk/?gclid=Cj0KCQiAzfrTBRC_ARIsAJ5ps0uP-Y0LHR3N5RekuHVRfEy9wg3PzHL-AcgJhFOQFdQ_LbRNni3lzHQaAsfNEALw_wcB

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