Private eye tests

Your vision is precious!

Regular eye examinations ensure that you have the best level of vision possible. They also reassure you that your eyes are healthy.

Our Private Eye Tests last about 45 minutes and is tailored to your individual needs. It will include an 3D laser OCT scan to help detect eye diseases as early as is possible. This scan is quick and painless and we can view the results straight away.

Detailed retinal examination, intraocular pressure assessment and computerised visual field assessments can all be a part of your bespoke eye examination as required to meet your individual needs.

Afterwards, your Optometrist will discuss with you the best ways to satisfy your optical requirements according to you lifestyle. This may include not only differing designs of spectacle lenses and frames, but also contact lenses and sunglasses.

If there are any underlying signs or symptoms of eye disease, your Optometrist will refer you for futher investigations and treatment. It is recommended that adults have their eyes examined by an Optometrist at least every 2 years.

Image of lenses used in Private eye tests

Image of tools used for Eye Examinations