Hearing Tests

Hearing loss can affect us all in different ways – no two peoples experiences of hearing difficulties will be the same. Some people are born with impared hearing. Some find their hearing gradually deteriorates as they get older. For some, hearing loss can be sudden and quite shocking. Some people can experience strange noises like a persistant hum or buzz.

Just as when people experience visual loss, hearing loss can lead to emotional upset and loss of self confidence as people struggle to communicate and stay connected with the world around them. Embarassment and low self esteem can act as a barrier to getting help – this is why we feel its’s important to have someone to talk to about concerns regarding hearing problems who can listen and give objective advice to help them reconnect with the world.

Jacksons Opticians are partnered with My Hearing –  independent hearing aid specialists to offer a brand new state-of-the-art  audiology service. Our hearing aid dispenser is Debbie Bedford,  a sucessful and highly respected dispenser with many years experience. Debbie will be holding a hearing test clinic offering free hearing tests and advice every Friday at our practice in Nantwich. We feel that this will allow us to offer a more complete service to our patients as My Hearing help us extended our friendly service beyond just eyecare.

My Hearing offer a guaranteed free and full hearing assessment by an industry registered professional. Their audiologists are not tied to any one manufacturer or supplier guaranteeing the best product for the individual.

All hearing tests and advice given by Debbie is free of charge.

To take advantage of this new service, pop in to see us or give us a call on 01270 625 889 to make an appointment. Not only will you be looked after by our professional staff, your hearing will be safe in the care of our new audiology team.

Jacksons Opticians will soon be offering an earwax removal service. Earwax is a common cause of sudden hearing loss in people of all ages. The natural production of earwax caused to a build up within the ear canal. In addition to hearing loss, a build up of wax in the ear can lead to other sumptoms such as

  • dizzyness
  • ear pain
  • a sensation of fullness or the ear being plugged
  • itching
  • ringing in the ears

If you’re concerned about your hearing loss, it may be something as simple as an ear wax build up, using painless, quick, techniques we will be able to remove any build up of earwax and return your hearing to it’s best condition. This service will be starting in the New Year. Please contact the practice for more information.