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Look great in your sunglasses this summer!


Here's  Hazel really rocking her new sunglasses! Her brief was something confortable, that would protect her eyes from the harmful Ultra Violet (UV) but that also looked a little bit special - just because she recently celebrated a special birthday, she did not want to necessarily chose sedate eyewear! Through our Eyewear Styling Consultation we [...]

Look great in your sunglasses this summer!2023-08-02T16:06:38+00:00

Choosing the right color for your spectacle frames.


Choosing the right color for your spectacle frames can be just as important as choosing the right style. The color of your frames can affect how they complement your skin tone and hair color, as well as how they fit in with your overall fashion sense. Here are a few things to consider when choosing [...]

Choosing the right color for your spectacle frames.2023-02-19T12:50:27+00:00

Frames – so many to choose from!


When it comes to eyewear, the frames you choose can make just as much of a statement as the lenses. With so many stylish options on the market, it can be hard to know where to start. In this post, we'll take a look at some of the most popular and trendy spectacle frames to [...]

Frames – so many to choose from!2023-01-28T13:41:02+00:00

A face is like a work of art – it deserves a great frame!


  We have just received another delivery of wildly wonderful l.a.Eyewoks  - as worn by Grace Jones. RuPaul, Debbie Harry, Elton John… the list goes on. These beautiful handmade frames are daringly different. From beautiful jewel colours through to icy crystals – there is something for everyone if you dare to be a little different! [...]

A face is like a work of art – it deserves a great frame!2022-12-31T16:28:57+00:00

Orgreen Frames


We are proud to announce that we are now stocking Orgreen. Orgreen are a Danish brand which specialises in producing high quality frames in premium materials such as titaniun, stainless steel and Japanese acetate. Styling wise the frames are very wearable with flattering colours for both ladies and gentlemen. Orgreen frames start at £329. Why [...]

Orgreen Frames2021-10-27T14:49:37+00:00

Introducing Tom Davies frames


We are delighted to introduce our latest bespoke frames collection – Tom Davies. Tom is a British designer, and all the frames are manufactured in his factory near London, using the finest Italian acetates and Japanese titanium. The frames are all beautiful pieces, but what makes them supper special is that they can be bespoked [...]

Introducing Tom Davies frames2021-05-29T15:08:05+00:00



This month we are telling the story behind Lindberg so you can discover things you didn’t know about one of Europe’s most in demand brands. Things that might just change your life, or at least your eyewear, forever! Based in Aarhus, Denmark this small private company is among the most admired eyewear designers in [...]


L.A. Eyeworks


I am very proud to announce that Jacksons will soon be stocking “l.a. eyeworks” a bold collection of individual frames for individuals. Friends, Barbara McReynolds and Gai Gherardi began l.a. Eyeworks in 1979, opening a shop in Los Angeles. Their aim was to challenge the prevailing norms of eyewear with proposals for a new, provocative [...]

L.A. Eyeworks2019-03-27T12:50:52+00:00


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